Skull Fork Covered Bridge 35-31-01 The Skull Fork covered Bridge is the last covered bridge in Harrison County, at one time Harrison had 50 covered bridges. Small covered bridge were all that was needed to span the creeks and runs in Harrison County.

Built around 1850 to 1860 Skull Fork is only 45 long. It is similar to a Queenspost Truss in that it does not have the horizontal top member in the center panel and the center panel is empty. The truss in the Skull Fork Covered Bridge is called a Buckingham truss. The bridge has a shake roof, high boarded gray weathered siding and the floor boards are laid crosswise. Skull Fork is a single span and rests on cut stone abutments with some poured concrete assistance.

The bridge spans Skull Fork Creek and supplies the water for Piedmont Reservoir with is three miles east of the bridge site. Skull Fork has been bypassed for preservation and has a park at the bridge site. My photographs were taken in January of 1994 and the weather was very similar to what we currently are experiencing now.

Directions: Freeport Township. From Freeport, south on SR 800, three miles, right on T 123 (Covered Bridge Road), one and one-half miles.