Scottown Covered Bridge #35-44-05, also know as the Red Covered Bridge was built in 1874 by William Thompson at a cost of $547.00. The bridge is 85 feet long and spans Indian Guyan Creek, which drains the southeastern corner of Lawrence County with at average bed width of 70 feet at the bridge site.

The Scottown Covered bridge is open to local traffic. The bridge rests on cut stone abutments and is a single span. The exterior had a gray tin roof and corrugated tin siding. The bridge was constructed with a version of a Multiple Kingpost Truss and an added Burr arch. In 1934, iron rods were added encasing the truss. The rods are visible on the exterior of the bridge. The roof was replaced in 1971. In 1991, the Lawrence County Engineer’s Department replaced the floor system and the floor, replaced the siding to wood and the roofing. The sides were opened so that the viewer could see the truss inside. The total renovation costs were $33,000.00.

The Scottown Covered bridge is the only covered bridge in Lawrence County. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Directions: Windsor Township: From Scottown east on SR 217 to SR 218, turn left. The bridge is located at the junction of these two roads.