The Roberts Covered Bridge #35-08-05 is located in Preble County and was built by Orlistus Roberts in 1829. This is an exceptional bridge, the only one in Ohio that is double-barreled and there are only six of this type left in the United States. The Roberts has three trusses, one in the center and one on each side of the bridge. Each truss is a Multiple Kingpost truss encased by three Burr arches. The interior is spectacular with runners on either side and the three Burr arches.

The roof has been shingled. The exterior has been painted red, the portals have been painted white. The Bridge rests on cut stone abutments. The stone was cut nearby at the Halderman Quarry. Roberts Bridge is 80 feet long and spans Seven Mile Creek with a bed with of 70 feet. Seven Mile Creak is a stream that drains central Preble County.

On 5 August 1986, the Roberts Bridge was burned by arson. Fortunately, in 1991 the bridge was relocated and restored through the generous support of the community and the efforts of the Roberts Bridge Restoration Committee. The bridge cost over $150,000 to restore and is now located in the city of Eaton, Ohio. The Roberts Covered Bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Ohio.

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