The Dewey Road Covered Bridge #35-04-03, now named the Olin Covered Bridge named after the family who owned property south of the bridge since 1860. Built 1873 by a carpenter named Potter The Olin Covered Bridge spans the Ashtabula River, the major drainage channel in northeastern Ashtabula County. The river bed is 124 feet in width. during the spring and fall rains carry enormous amounts of water and in the winter the ice floes are huge.

The Olin is 127 feet long and has a town lattice truss. In 1981, a group of interested neighbors helped repair the bridge. A new shingle roof, some new side boards, repaired gables. painted portals and guardrails helped in the restoration of the bridge. Steel I-beams were added to the underside of the bridge for additional support. The steal I-beams collected brush and trees and in 1985 ices floes tore some of the supports away from the bridge. The Ashtabula County Engineers Department then installed a concrete pier. The bridge rest on concrete abutments. August 3, 1992, found the bridge closed to vehicular traffic. The county engineers have restored this bridge and was reopened in August 1993.

When the river is low, there is easy access to the river bed. This bridge is located in a secluded valley and its massive structure is imposing against the large river & wooded terrain. the Olin family has a museum near the bridge site. The Olin covered Bridge has the only covered bridge in Ashtabula County with a designated name.

Directions: Plymouth Township. From Ashtabula, SR 84 east, right on Hadlock Road (T335) south, left on Dewey Road (T334)

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