Mull Covered Bridge 35-72-01 Recently Brandi Stewart called me from Chandler, Arizona and wanted an exterior photograph of the Mull Covered Bridge. She told me that she wanted to give Todd her husband a photograph of this bridge for their wedding anniversary. Todd proposed marriage to Brandi on the inside of this covered bridge. Brandi ordered a photograph of the Mull Covered Bridge, she explained to me that their wedding anniversary was on August 12th, she promptly sent me the money and I received her check on the seventh of August; processed her order and sent it out the very next day, she received the photograph on the eleventh and was able get it framed and give it to Todd on their anniversary August 12th. I spoke with Brandi after their anniversary and she told me Todd was thrilled with her creative idea.

Mull Covered Bridge was named after Amos Mull a nearby resident, and was built in 1842. The bridge is still in fair condition and has been bypassed for preservation. The bridge was constructed with a Town truss that had wooden pegs to attach the diagonal members. the floor planking is laid crosswise. the interior is dark because of the lack of windows, but the lattice truss offers a symmetrically pleasing affect.

This covered bridge has two spans and traverses the East Branch of Wolf Creek with 100 feet at the bridge site. the East Branch of Wolf Creek is a tributary of the Sandusky River. Their confluence is two miles from the bridge site.

The exterior has a red tin roof, beautifully weathered, gray knotted siding and a long narrow opening for ventilation under the gable on both sides of the bridge that exposes the lattice truss on the exterior. the one pier is concrete but both abutments are large quarried stones, laid without any concrete. Some of the stones are shifting out of position. the old bridge presents a spectacular sight both on the interior and the exterior.

Directions: Ballville Township from Bettsville northeast on SR 12 two miles, right on Hull road ( T 7 ) one and one-fourth mile, right on T 118 one-tenth mile, left on T 9 one-tenth mile

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