McClellan Covered Bridge 35-15-02 Also know as the Kinmuer Covered Bridge, the McClellan Covered Bridge was built in 1871. The bridge spans the West fork of Little Beaver Creek. located just southwest of Lisbon, Ohio in Columbiana County.

The McClellan has a Multiple Kingpost Truss and is located now on a dirt road that is used for farm equipment. The old road is not passable by automobiles. The farmer that uses this bridge has repaired the siding. The floor is wobbly but can sustain pedestrian traffic safely. The bridge has a tin roof and multicolor siding as a result of periodic replacement.

The only way to reach this bridge is to walk down a hill off Trinity Church Road on the pathway and the covered bridge can be found at the bottom of the hill, nestled in a valley. Thick foliage prevents observation in the summer, I photographed the McClellan in early spring with my friend Janet Jordan. Janet is looking up at me from the bridge site in the 3rd photo.

Directions: Center Township, from Lisbon, west on SR 30, four miles, left on Trinity Church Road (T 756), three miles, left down a hill.