The Long/Knowllton Covered Bridge 35-56-18. Named after a family that owns 6.6 acres of land that surround the bridge. Crosses the Little Muskingum River with 192 feet. The Little Muskingum River drains the lower southwestern quarter of Monroe County and has a 100 feet normal bed width at the bridge site

The covered bridge has numerous characteristics that make it extraordinary. The exterior offers a spectacular sight. The two immense piers and abutments are constructed of huge cut stones supporting the bridge’s three spans. There is a trail that leads down the river bank and from there, the bridge looms 30 feet over the river.The piers are built well into the upper river bank and the bridge appears as if suspended in air.The rustic gray weathered siding is so thin and shrunken in places, in the upper portion of the Burr arch is visible from the exterior. The red tin roof is in fair condition, but the level of the roof is wobbly at best. A person must climb a tall fence to investigate the interior, it is well worth the effort!

Each span has a separate truss. The spans on either end of the bridge are much shorter than the center truss (the section the that seems suspended). The shorter trusses are Multiple Kingpost with two sets of tension and compression panels pointing toward the center Kingpost. The center trusses (one on each side of the bridge) are 120 feet long and are Multiple Kingpost trusses encased by four-ply, double Burr arches in the center span. The diagonally laid floor planking only adds to the enchanting nature of the bridge. Built in 1860.

Long Bridge/Knowlton is located in a small park that has minimal upkeep. the bridge is closed and does not appear to have had any maintenance. In 1996 the covered bridge was renovated and is now a bicycle and walking covered bridge. The Wayne national Forest Borders the land

Directions: Washington Township. From Rinard Mills, north on CR 26. one and a quarter miles, right on tr38a which intersects with Old Camp Road and the covered bridge.