Located in Hamilton County, the Jediah Hill Covered Bridge, also known as the Groff Mill Bridge was built in 1850. This is Hamilton County’s only covered bridge. It is 45 feet long and spans the Westfork Fork of Hill Creek.

Hill Creek is one of several sources that supplies water for Hill Creek Lake at Winton Woods, a recreational area. The creek bed at the bridge site is 40 feet wide.

The bridge has been refurbished in the last twenty years. It was dismantled, new stone abutments were built and the bridge was reconstructed. New plank siding and a shake roof were added. The interior has horizontal floor planking and a queenpost truss with an “X” support in the center panel. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places the Jediah Hill Covered Bridge is located on a picturesque stream that offers waterfalls and easy access to the creek.

Directions: Springfield township. From Burlington, south on SR 127, one half mile, left on CR 229 (Daly Road), one-tenth, right on CR 228.