The Helmick Covered Bridge was once known as the Doughty Bridge, and was named after a fork of Killbuck Creek. In 1863, during the civil war John Shrake of Newark, Ohio built the Helmick Covered Bridge at a cost of $2107.15. The Helmick is a multiple kingpost truss, it has two spans and has an extremely long truss for this simplistic truss design. The bridge spans Killbuck Creek, it carries a tremendous amount of water which is characteristic of most streams in the area, in that it is prone to flooding. In 1994 restoration of this bridge began.

The bridge was closed long after it should have been, evidenced by the floor condition. The flooring has a ripple affect, sagging from the stress of the weight it was not designed to support. The bridge has a tin roof and naturally weathered siding. Winter of 1995 finds that the Helmick has been completely restored, the truss made of oak as well as all the interior wood. The siding is of poplar and cedar shingles have been added to the roof.

The Helmick bridge committee, working in cooperation with the county engineer’s office and the Ohio Department of Transportation has received $192,000.00 in federal grants to restore the bridge and $58,000.00 were raised in community donations. Construction of the renovation began in July of 1995. The restoration was completed in 1996.

Winter is the best time to view this bridge. Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the Helmick is the last of 100 covered bridges once in Coshochton County. The restoration committees objective is to restore the covered bridge as close to the original form as possible, to allow pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. January of 1997 finds that this bridge has been completely restored and is open to light vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

DIRECTIONS: Clark Township. From Blissfield on SR 60, turn right on CR 25, two miles at Helmick on left

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