The Gregg Covered Bridge #35-45-06, was once known as the Handel Covered Bridge is located in Licking County. built in 1882, the original cost to build this structure was $5000.00

In November of 1982 the Gregg was renovated and restructured. the bridge was renovated by Sidensticker Company of Reynoldsburg, Ohio and to renovate this bridge today, the cost was $198,000.00.

The renovation was completed April 7. 1993. John Smolen, former Ashtabula County Engineer designed the renovated structure.

Constructed with a traditional Multiple Kingpost Truss, the bridge was built with a camber which is evidenced in the roof and the floor. Lengthwise flooring with the obvious curvature, which accommodated the curvature.

The bridge has a curb inside to protect the Multiple Kingpost Truss. In the new renovated structure a wood and steel pier was installed on the creek bank to add support to the bridge. A new concrete reinforcement slab is in place to support heavier loads.

The Gregg Covered bridge is 126 feet long and spans the Wakatomika Creek which drains a small portion of the far northeastern corner of Licking County. there is a 70 foot bed width at the bridge site. When I photographed the completed new Gregg Covered Bridge, My friend Nathan Pingel came with me. Nate can be seen walking through the interior of the bridge.

Directions: From Martinsburg southeast on SR 586 six miles and a half miles, turn right on CR 20 (Frampton Road) one mile.