Girl Scout Camp Covered Bridge 35-45-05
On 28 February 2004, it was 56° outside with a blue sky, a perfect day for a drive in the country. The Girl Scout Road Covered Bridge spans Wakatomika Creek with 68 feet. Wakatomika Creek drains a small portion of the far northeastern section of Licking County.

This bridge was built in 1882 with the same Truss design as the Boy Scout Bridge Covered Bridge, In the covered bridge reference books, the truss is identified as a multiple king post truss, but the Girl Scout Covered Bridge does not have the traditional kingpost center panel. Instead the center panel is empty. The floor is laid horizontally. The exterior has a rusted tin roof and red plank siding with a small window on one side.

In 2002, a local resident renovated the bridge but since that time vandals have kicked out side panels and damaged the roof. In the summer, teenagers dam up the creek and tie a rope off a truss to use it as a swing to dive into the Wakatomika Creek below. The bridge is a single span and rests on cut stone abutments.

The Girl Scout Road Covered Bridge has also been known as the Mercer Covered Bridge and as the Shoults Covered Bridge. The bridge is still open to vehicular traffic.

Directions: from Fallsbury Township. From Martinsburg southeast on SR 586. five miles, left on T 255 (Girl Scout Road) one mile to bridge site.

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