In 1886, The Cemetery Road Covered Bridge was built by Henry Hubbell. The bridge in it’s original location was about 80 feet long. In 1886 this bridge cost $1120.00 to construct. The cemetery road covered bridge has a gray tin roof, gray weathered siding and crosswise floor planking. This bridge is an excellent example of a Howe truss. On August 19 & 20, 1975, the Cemetery Road Covered Bridge was moved to its new location in the nature preserve at Glen Helen in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Only 75% of the bridge was moved due to the cost involved. $3,000 in fees to move the bridge and $15,000 in fees to move electrical wires, a total cost of $18,000 for the renovation.

The exterior is naturally weathered. There is an 18 inch tall horizontal ventilation panel extending the length of the bridge on both sides A variation of the Long truss, called a Child-Long truss. This truss has three members forming an “ X “ panel and two members forming the vertical that divides the panels.

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