Baker Covered Bridge #35-23-33 originally crossed a branch of Rush Creek and is 90 feet long. It had a shingled roof, a single span, and rested on cut stone abutments. In 1981 this covered bridge was moved to Fairfield Union High School Grounds.

The bridge is located behind the academic buildings and beyond the athletic fields. Fairfield Union has an outdoor education facility where the Baker spans a small lake in a very scenic wooded area. The area is beautiful and very well maintained.

The Baker Covered Bridge was built in 1871. It is constructed with a Queenspost trust,the floor planking is laid lengthwise, has a tin roof and white plank siding. I photographed this bridge in rainy May, but the sky opened up and mother nature gave me a wonderful afternoon to take photographs. Although The Baker covered Bridge offers a captivating sight, a long walk is required from the school parking lot to reach the bridge.

Directions: From Lancaster, northeast on SR 22, approximately 8 miles. Fairfield Union High School is located on the right.

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