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The Starry Night Cracker, hamadryas laodamia is often seen basking on tree trunks, adopting a head-downward posture with the wings flattened against the bark. Males bask in this position for long periods to await potential mates. They commonly settle at a height of about 2m but if disturbed immediately take flight. After a few seconds they resettle, usually higher up on the same tree trunk. They remain there until the threat passes, after which they descend the trunk in a series of short flights, dropping lower each time until after several minutes they resume their original position.

The butterflies are active from sunrise to sunset, and are rarely seen away from tree trunks. They feed mainly on decomposing fruit, but as described and illustrated above, they also occasionally settle on the ground to imbibe mineralized moisture, and are also attracted to human sweat. the female has a stripe on the forewing making them dimorphic. This species is in a clan all by himself among this genus because they do not make any crackling sounds.


Female Starry Night Cracker Butterfly
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Male Starry Night Cracker
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