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Scarlet Mormon Butterfly

The Scarlet Mormon (Papilio rumanzovia) is native to the Philippines, Taiwan, parts of eastern Indonesia and Australia. Its habitats include coastal lowlands, mountains, forests and areas where there is an abundance of flowers. The Papilio rumanzovia butterfly, also known as the scarlet swallowtail or scarlet Mormon, is one of 550 species of swallowtail butterflies worldwide. It derives its name from the tails on the back edges of its wings that resemble the forked tails of swallows. The scarlet swallowtail is distinguished by its dramatic red and black markings and sexual dimorphism.

Adult Scarlet Mormon butterflies feed on the nectar from a variety of flowers, while their caterpillars feed on the leaves and flowers of citrus plants. As with all butterflies, the scarlet swallowtail’s natural predators include some species of carnivorous insects and spiders, as well as frogs, birds and lizards.Male scarlet swallowtails patrol their habitat to fend off rival males when they are searching for females to mate with, attracting them with pheromones and impressive display flights. Females lay their eggs on citrus plants, which act as a host for the caterpillars to feed on.

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