Mark Berger Photographer Having personally photographed, hunted, recorded and researched all known 160 existing, (or recently defunct) covered bridges in Ohio, which he has found in each county, Berger possesses the definitive collection. He soon plans to publish a book of these bridges.

Standing in front of the Middle Road Covered Bridge located in Ashtabula County, Berger says: The Middle Road Covered Bridge #35-04-06 was built in 1868 and is located in Ashtabula County. Middle Road is built with a Howe Truss and is 152 feet long spanning across Conneaut Creek. Conneaut Creek is the largest river in northeastern Ashtabula County In 1984, the north end of the bridge dropped 18 inches. John Smolen, the Ashtabula County Engineer temporarily shored up the bridge until restoration was done.

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